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Peace and tranquility just minutes from all the action.

Are you considering moving to Black Creek? This small, tight-knit community offers a peaceful and idyllic way of life that's perfect for those who crave a slower pace. Located in the heart of Niagara, Black Creek is a small community with a population of just over 1,500 residents. The area is known for its natural beauty, with scenic views

of the Niagara Escarpment and lush forests that provide ample opportunity for outdoor recreation. Despite its rural setting, Black Creek is just a short drive from major urban centers like St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, making it an ideal location for those who want the best of both worlds.


Getting around Black Creek

Getting around Black Creek is easy thanks to its small size and well-connected road network. The area is serviced by several major roads, including the QEW, making it easy to commute to nearby cities for work or leisure. For those who prefer to travel by public transportation, the On-Demand Transit service allows users to request a ride between any two transit stops in the service area and a vehicle will be routed to them.

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior

Housing in Black Creek

Offering an attractive blend of upscale living and small-town charm. Black Creek is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and friendly environment, with high-end homes and a welcoming community. The new premier subdivision offers a fresh and contemporary approach to luxurious living with an exclusive collection of bungalow townhomes, semis, and detached homes. With a focus on sophistication and elegance, this community is designed to cater to those seeking a stylishly designed carefree South Coast lifestyle.

Attractions and Amenities in Black Creek

Despite its small size, Black Creek has plenty to offer in terms of attractions and amenities. The area is home to several parks and nature reserves which offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and fishing. Paddle the creek, which the area is named after, from Stevensville to the Niagara River. The nearby town of Niagara Falls is just a short drive away and offers a wide range of attractions, including the famous waterfall, casinos, and shopping centers.


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