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Grant's Gifts

& The Picket Fence

Grant's Gifts & The Picket Fence, nestled on Port Colborne's charming West Street, offer a delightful shopping experience. Situated directly across from the picturesque Welland Canal, these twin gift shops are a treasure trove of popular and unique finds. They feature an extensive range of gifts that cater to all tastes and occasions. From elegant trinkets to whimsical novelties, customers can explore a diverse array of items that make for perfect presents. What's more, both stores offer expertly curated themed gift baskets, ensuring a thoughtfully personalized touch. The convenience of complimentary gift wrapping adds an extra layer of appeal, making Grant's Gifts & The Picket Fence the go-to destination for memorable, hassle-free gift shopping.


226 West St

Port Colborne, ON L3K 4E3


(905) 834-1459

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