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The Manic Maker

Freeze Dried Munchies

At The Manic Maker Freeze Dried Munchies, candy takes on a new dimension through innovative freeze-drying techniques. Beyond a mere candy store, this shop, equipped with a licensed commercial kitchen, pioneers the Canadian freeze-dried candy scene. The in-house production, managed by certified food handlers, sets them apart as they don't rely on pre-made freeze-dried candy. With over 270 meticulously selected items, it stands as the exclusive freeze-dried candy bricks-and-mortar shop in the Niagara Region. From childhood classics to bold flavours, The Manic Maker promises a surprising crunch while preserving authentic tastes, vibrant colours, and playful textures—a delightful sensory journey for candy enthusiasts seeking quality and variety.


26 Jarvis St

Fort Erie, ON L2A 2S1


(289) 320-9033

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