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Mom Dukes

Jamaican Cuisine

Mom Dukes embodies the vibrant spirit of Jamaica with a contemporary twist. Specializing in small-batch, authentic Jamaican cuisine, this gem of a spot offers a takeout experience like no other. From the fiery kick of jerk chicken to the indulgent comfort of mac & cheese pie, every dish is a flavourful journey to the Caribbean. At Mom Dukes, it's not just about the food; it's about the culture, the community, and the undeniable rhythm that permeates every bite. Go for the taste, stay for the vibes.

Menu Highlights

Curry Goat

Savour their signature Curry Goat: slow-cooked goat cubes in rich, aromatic curry gravy, a true taste of Jamaican tradition.

Mac & Cheese Pie

Indulge in their Mac & Cheese Pie: a mouthwatering fusion of creamy macaroni and cheese encased in a golden crust.

Rasta Pasta

Experience the bold flavours of our Rasta Pasta: penne pasta tossed with succulent jerk chicken, and vibrant sweet peppers, all coated in a homemade parmesan sauce. It's a harmonious blend of Caribbean spice and creamy indulgence.


154 Main St W

Port Colborne, ON L3K 3V2


(289) 823-0384

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