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The Pie Guys

Bakery & Cafe

The Pie Guys - Bakery & Café is a charming haven for pastry aficionados and pie lovers alike. Founded by baking enthusiasts Rob & Brennon, this quaint bakery boasts a cozy rustic ambiance that transports guests to a tranquil farmhouse setting. With a deep commitment to local sourcing, they've turned their dream into reality by crafting hand-made baked goods using ingredients procured from nearby farmers. The real star of the show? Their unparalleled selection of Fruit & Savoury Pies, lovingly hand rolled and assembled daily. But that's not all - their menu is a delightful symphony of flavours, featuring an array of delectable treats like Tarts, Cookies, Squares, Cupcakes, and Crumbles. The magic lies in their Signature Pastry, crafted from scratch with dedication and care. To add a touch of surprise, their offerings might change daily, so a quick glance at their Facebook page in the morning unveils the day's culinary wonders.

Menu Highlights


148 West St

Port Colborne, ON L3K 4E1


(905) 788-4743

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